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Friday, 12 April 2013

Dr Adam Ajis

+Adam Ajis

publications list

·      NHS Evidence publication: Prof R Gadsby, Dr A Adler, Mr A Ajis, Dr A Berendt, Mr R Hinchliffe, Mr L King, Dr G Rayman. Diabetic foot problems evidence update March 2013. Evidence update 33. National Institute for Health & Clinical Excellence.

Peer reviewed journal articles
·      Adam Ajis, J Seybold, M Myerson. Osteochondral distal metatarsal allograft replacement. A case series. Foot & Ankle International. 19 Mar 2013.
·      Adam Ajis, M Myerson. Postoperative range of motion trends following total ankle arthroplasty. Foot & Ankle International 11 March 2013.
·      Adam Ajis, M Myerson. TTC vs Ankle arthrodesis. Patient expectations, satisfaction, outcomes and return to activity. Foot & Ankle International 6 March 2013.
·      N Maffulli, Adam Ajis. Management of chronic ruptures of the Achilles tendon. J Bone Joint Surg Am. 2008 Jun; 90(6):1348-60.
·      N Maffulli, Adam Ajis, UG Longo, V Denaro. Chronic rupture of Tendo Achilles. Foot and ankle clinics 2007 December; 12(4):583-96
·      Adam Ajis, N Maffulli. Management of acute tendo Achilles ruptures. Foot and Ankle Surgery 2007; 13:132-135.
·      Sivalingum S, Rathinam S, Ajis Adam, Satur CM. Nurse-led preoperative screening and targeted optimization of pulmonary dysfunction in patients undergoing cardiac surgery. Annals of Thoracic Surgery. 2007 Aug; 84(2):683-5.
·      Adam Ajis, A Younger, N Maffulli. Anatomical repair for chronic lateral ankle instability. Foot and ankle clinics 2006 Sept; 11(3):539-545.
·      Adam Ajis, N Maffulli. Chronic ankle instability – Conservative management. Foot and Ankle Clinics 2006 Sept; 11(3):531-537.
·      Adam Ajis, M Koti, N Maffulli. Tailor's Bunion. Journal of Foot & Ankle Surgery 2005; 44(3):236-245.
·      Adam Ajis Adam, Bagnall NM, Collis MY, Johns EJ. Effect of endothelin antagonists on the renal haemodynamics and tubular responses to ischaemic-reperfusion injury in anaesthetised rats. Experimental Physiology 2003 Jul; 88(4): 483-490

Case Reports
·      J Singh, K Altaf, Adam Ajis. Delta Phalanx of Thumb. Case Report. Eurorad online. July 2009.

·      AP Molloy, H Kazi, Adam Ajis. The modified Brostrom procedure – early results using a newly modified technique. Orthopaedic Proceedings. J Bone Joint Surg Br September 2012 vol. 94-B no. SUPP XLIII 36
·      A Ajis, EJ Johns. The role of endothelins in regulating cortical and medullary haemodynamics in the rat kidney. The Journal of Physiology (2000), 523P, pp. 211P

Magazine article
·      Perforation in cases operated on for acute appendicitis – 4th Year elective research report. Picture published in The Research Report 2002, Preiskel Prize Winner, Royal College of Surgeons of England (2002), London.
·      Adam Ajis, J Seybold, M Myerson. Osteochondral distal metatarsal allograft replacement. A case series. Independently selected to feature in MDLinx magazine. 4528375

Work in progress
·      Book chapter: Surgical anatomy and biomechanics of the diabetic foot and its relation to the spread of infection and debridement. The Diabetic Foot: Evidence-Based Management. Edited by R Hinchliffe, M Thompson, N Schaper, R Tripathi and C Timaran. JP Medical Publishing, London. Submitted to editors.
·      The modified Brostrom procedure – Early results using a newly described technique. A Ajis, A Molloy. Submitted Foot & Ankle International.
·      Subtalar arthrodesis in patients following prior total ankle arthrodesis. A study to investigate union rates. D Epstein, A Ajis, M Myerson. Write up phase.
·      Adam Ajis, A Molloy. Response shift phenomenon in foot and ankle surgery, a comparison of 3 scoring systems. Data collection phase.
·      AS Ahluwalia, Adam Ajis, MS Hennessy, SR Platt, N Geary. Making the grade: A novel objective assessment of fellowship training using PROMS. Write up phase.
·      Adam Ajis, N Geary. Arthrodesis rates and deformity correction in naviculocuneiform fusion. Write up phase.

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